MCPrgbRobert Seward Jr.-
As the owner/operator, I’ve had hands-on with electronics since 1975, and even lived through the introduction of the first home computers including the TI99/4A and TRS80 (pre-Windows).

I’ve been formally trained in advanced electronics in high school and again in the United States Navy. I was a lead electronics technician with Boeing/BAE Systems for over 25 years. Most recently, I graduated Tarrant County College with honors- specializing in the field of computer networking and current Windows technologies. I have worked first hand with almost every commercial and consumer technology.

Today I’m filling a fading market niche by offering in-home (and small to medium size business) professional services at affordable prices, which store fronts cannot compete with.

Our Mission

We realize your consumer and commercial electronics costs a lot of money. People often buy entertainment electronics based on recommendations from someone else only to find it’s more complex or does not work the way you expected, or worse, becomes defective just beyond the warranty period!

Our main goal is to help you use your existing entertainment electronics and Windows based computer systems, while striving to minimize the burden for “outrageous” additional expenses.

I will personally do my very best, to insure you have all the facts that you need to make your decision to repair, replace, or design/install- to effect the best financial bang-for-your-buck and meet or exceed your goals.

Our Solution

The foundation of this company is based on fundamental Christian moral values in interaction with people and their service needs. All expenses and actions planned are disclosed to the best of our ability before any work ever starts, so we give each other the benefit of more than a fly by night repair- but a lasting trust relationship that you can depend on for your future service needs.

In every case, we try to perform the service, repair, install, or training in your home or place of business, so you can rest assure the objective is completed while we are still together. A free phone consultation can resolve many problems before you ever spend a cent! You the customer always have the option of paying nominal transportation and service fees if you choose to have us work on the job back to our shop.

Flexible payment options are always available. We accept cash or checks and major credit cards, online via PayPal. Payments are due at the time services rendered and complete (unless arranged in advance by both of us).