Contact [email protected] if you don’t see a question below, we will get an answer normally within one business day.

Q: What are the time frames I can schedule an appointment for service?
A: We normally schedule service calls Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. If you have a special time constraint, we try to be flexible as possible and can make special considerations for evening or Saturday services. Sunday is always closed.

Q: I have an old radio from 1959, can you work on this?
A: In many instances you may be surprised to find that parts and schematics are still available, and certainly the technology in old tube/original hybrid transistor style electronics is within our technical capability.
Based on the model, origin and history of a given older unit, I may have to do some research to determine if I can repair your unit (based on availability of supporting documents and substitute parts). There is never any charge associated with this type of preliminary research.
Of course many older electronics of this genre are built with what are today considered much looser tolerances and even when repaired my seem to drift (compared to today’s ultra-stable circuitry) quite a bit until it is warmed up, and many signals now are not compatible with very old electronics, so interface devices are required to make them work.

Q: What is the advantage to using your home-business over a “storefront?”
A: The one on one care that I provide my customers is second to none; a name-brand storefront cannot beat my ability to second-source the same quality repair parts that they provide (I take as much time behind the scenes to research and negotiate the best prices where possible, which are not added as an hourly rate), and my desire to have long-term customer “relationships.” A primary goal is to make sure you are very happy to have used our services. Ultimately word of mouth advertising is worth so much more than a TV commercial to me, and is my benchmark for customer satisfaction.