Standard Fees

Standard Service Charge – Residential (total for the first hour of service, hourly fee waived)


Standard Service Charge – Commercial (total for the first hour of service)


Hourly Rates – Residential


Hourly Rates – Commercial


Software Install – Single Application

$15.00 per PC

Software Install – Suite (e.g. MS Office)

$40.00 per Seat License

Non-computer electronics that require purchase of
schematics – Non-refundable


Surcharge to take the unit back to the shop for completion – Handling Fee


Additional fee for requesting us to leave and come back for completion


Telephone (or text) estimates


Telephone (or text) consultations


Most instances on-site service, 1st hour


(Standard Service Fee still applies)

Standard Terms


    This is a “service at your location” service. All attempts are made to perform the work you request at the location where it resides.
  • The standard Service Fees are due at the end of the first visit. The standard Service Fee is a one-time charge per service need, and is waived for necessary follow-up visits which are related to the original problem. Final bill is due in full at the time that the service task is complete.

  • Payment for services rendered is due upon completion of the work statement in our agreement
  • If we have an appointment arranged and you are not there to meet us- and you still want us to perform the same service, that will be counted as a separate incident and there will be a $35.00 additional charge to the standard Service Fee.
  • In the extremely rare case that the company misses our arranged meeting time without advance notification, we will waive the standard Service Fee
  • In the event that your unit is repaired before one hour is up (for per/hour services), only the standard Service Fee will be charged
  • Service area includes Arlington Texas and bordering cities. The standard Service Fee covers our Travel and Time. This is a One Time Charge per Incident.
  • In the event that we exhaust the first hour (of per/hour services) and you choose to Not go forward with a repair or service, the “per/hour” Fee will be waived and you only pay the standard Service Fee.
  • If the problem has an obvious problem-solution (to me) such as a check box, setting or hardware anomaly that fixes your problem within moments of arrival, under those conditions only the standard Service Charge applies.
  • If your device/unit is deemed “scrap” or “not cost effective to repair” (by our recommendation and your agreement), there is No Charge beyond the standard Service Fee.
  • Prices for services do not include promotional discounts or taxes due as required by state laws.
  • We can help you make/buy new software purchases by your needs assessment:
    A deposit equal to the cost of the software is required prior to our procurement on your behalf.
  • Ω (As this Company is a home business) All efforts are made to avoid bringing your unit back to our shop unless all options are exhausted. If I/we (the company) deem that your unit needs to be brought back to the shop for further work, there will be no additional charges applied. If you (the customer) want us to bring the job back due to your own time constraints (or ask us to leave and come back in order to finish), there will be an additional fee of $35.00 charged added to your bill.
  • Businesses pay commercial rates due to common increased complexity per task and scope of projects.
    Standard Service Charge: Consumers $35.00, Businesses $75.00.
    Hourly rates: Consumers $30.00, Businesses $50.00/hr.
  • Data recovery is not guaranteed, but every attempt is made to recover (files, photos, music, videos, Email, Favorites, critical program data) * Inappropriate content will not be recovered *. (as a recovery option: There are high-end recovery services that cost thousands of dollars if your data is critical and I cannot get it).
  • Roberts Reliable Repair Electronics LLC and its representatives reserve the right to offer discounts to anyone for any reason, and not subject to debate.
  • Roberts Reliable Repair Electronics LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.